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Diagnosis - Thyroid Cancer

Diagnosis - Thyroid Cancer

My name is Agnes Semana Kamagaju. Last year, I arrived at Indira Gandhi Airport on 16th December 2014 from Uganda, East Africa. I reached the Airport and met the international team from Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital. The hospital treats cancer. When I reached the hospital, I was taken to meet the medical team. The team took me through the process of the treatment after the diagnosis. I was given a treatment plan after identifying the type of cancer I was suffering from. Blood tests weredone as my blood was clotting.

On 26th December I was taken to operation theatre for removal of the cancerous tumour. The medical team I was assigned is very skilled and they knew exactly what they were going to remove and what treatment was going to administer.

The international team was very thorough and well conversant with my case. Unlike the other hospitals I had been to back home where you are told cancer is not manageable, cancer is not treatable and you will eventually die.

Here at Dharamshila Hospital, I was given the assurance that my cancer is manageable. They can treat the disease especially if identified early and you can be cured.

I was given the treatment as per the treatment plan. I was given and I am assured and know that am going back home that the treatment am o is going to cure the type of cancer I have.

People from Kampala, am coming back as a happy person, knowing I have gotten the treatment. Cancer does not necessarily kill unless you have not gotten where and who will give you the right treatment and which type of cancer you are suffering from.

But here at Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital I got confirmation of the type of cancer of the thyroid went through the treatment as planned and I go back happier because I have the treatment. I will be back for my follow up treatment and will be eventually cured.

Mrs. Agnes Semana Kamagaju
Country - Uganda

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