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Microbiology section provides services for the diagnosis of infectious diseases of bacterial, parasitic, fungal or tubercular nature including aerobic and anaerobic cultures. Specialized fungal cultures and stains are available, which are of utmost importance in immunocompromised cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Conventional culture for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and fungi from clinical specimens other than blood is carried out on most appropriate media in controlled environment. Identification and sensitivity of bacteria to different therapeutic agents are determined and reported for better infection control and patient care.

Quality Control (Q.C.) and Quality Assurance (Q.A.) are strictly implemented and usually authenticated by reproducible result from other laboratories.

The department is actively involved in infection control programme of the hospital. Epidemiology and surveillance of hospital associated infections and training of all categories of staff is an ongoing programme. From time to time guidelines on different topics are issued which are complied periodically in the Hospital manual.

The department is also involved in teaching and research. Short term training and preparation for research projects is being provided to M.Sc. students of different Universities and Laboratory technicians of different institutions.

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