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DNSH Head and Neck Cancer Centre is a more than two decade old centre of excellence known for its best treatment outcomes. It is the most trusted centre across the world for its excellent surgical skills State-of-the-art Infrastructure and adoption of Professional standards (both nationally and internationally).

DNSH Head and Neck Cancer Centre is exclusively dedicated to the patients who are suffering from head and neck cancers, which include cancers of the throat, larynx, nose, sinuses, and mouth. Head and neck cancers are different from any other cancer because they affect how you eat, speak, socialize, and express yourself. In other words, the head and neck cancers strike at your identity. The main objective of DNSH Head and Neck Cancer Centre is to restore our patient′s normal facial appearance, chewing, swallowing and speech capabilities and ensure a cancer free good quality of life.

Because of the complexity of the structures (organs) involved, head and neck cancer treatment requires significant expertise, State-of-the-art infrastructure, High end & cutting edge technologies and last but not the least Quality care which enhance the outcome of the treatment.

Our head and neck cancer experts evaluate and treat all types and stages of head and neck cancers, from early lesions to the rarest and most challenging cases. Depending on the type of treatment, our treating team may include head and neck surgeons, Medical and Radiation oncologist, Dentist or Maxillofacial Surgeon, Oral Surgeon, Reconstructive Surgeon, Nutritionists, social worker and speech, voice, and swallowing therapists.

Our trained and skilled Head and Neck Surgical Oncologists play the major role while selecting the operable cases, performing a complete surgery by removing the cancerous body part which has clear margins and removing all the lymph nodes. During surgery dissected specimen is sent for a frozen section to the Oncopathologist for immediate report on the margins. If the margins of the dissected body part are not free from cancer, further dissection is carried out to achieve clear margins to prevent recurrences. The quality of the surgery determines the postoperative quality of the life of the patient.

Role of Plastic Surgeons - After the removal of the cancerous tissues, a large gap appears, which has to be filled/reconstructed by the Plastic Surgeon so that patient has near normal appearance and other oral cavity functions are restored.

Role of Recovery and Rehabilitation Team -Post operative recovery with normal/close to normal appearance of the patient, restoration of eating, swallowing and voice require a dedicated team of Critical Care Specialists, Skilled Oncology Nurses, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Prosthodontics And Speech Therapists, who work together to ensure that patient leads a normal life.

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