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Infrastructure And Facilities


Dharamshila Narayana BMT unit is the only BMT unit in India which has been made as per class 1000 clean room standards prescribed internationally and has the following unique features 

Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Each room of the 4 room BMT Unit, has its own dedicated Air Handling Unit (AHU) to provide 10-15 Hepafiltered fresh air changes per hour. This means the fresh air entering the patients room is first treated through special filters. Treated fresh air then passes through 0.3 Micron High Efficiency particulate Air Filter (HEPA). Hepa removes all the bacteria, viruses and fungus. This hepafiltered air passes through a laminar floor to reach the patient’s room at the desired humidity and temperature, which is comfortable for the patient.

Automatic and Selective Control System

Automatic and selective control system provides positive air pressure in the BMT room compared to ante room and the BMT corridor. This has been done to ensure that, on opening the door of the BMT Room or the ante room, no outside air from BMT Corridor can enter the patient’s room. Air pressure in Anteroom is 10-15 pascal higher than the BMT corridor and air pressure in BMT room is 10 - 15 pascal higher than the ante room.

Ante room is a small room between the corridor and the BMT room for maintaining positive air pressure, special hand washing (scrubbing) and wearing a sterile gown before entering the BMT room.

Stainless Steel Doors, Vinyl Flooring and Cladding of Walls

Stainless steel doors and vinyl surfaces are most practical to clean with disinfectants to maintain and protect patients from infections.


BMT Unit is equipped with a dedicated X-ray machine, ultrasound machine, dialysis machine and a ventilator. In other words, patients requiring these equipment, need not be sent to X-ray dept. / ICU / Dialysis Unit and expose them to infections.

Furniture and furnishing of BMT room -

- Each BMT room is furnished like an ICU with following facilities

- Centralized oxygen and suction system with double outlets

- State-of-art, six parameter monitors, for monitoring heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, Central Venous Pressure and ECG

- Infusion pumps

- Syringe pumps

- C.C. TV monitoring system for 24x7 vigilance of the patient

- Television

- Telephone

- Patient bed, bedside locker and desk.

- Attendant bed

- Two trolleys for medicines/ dressing etc.


BMT Research Lab is a must for any BMT Programme and Research.

Donor selection for fully HLA Matched family donor and specially half matched family donor requires not only high end diagnostic equipment, it also requires facilities for preservation of the donated stem cells, keeping all this in mind, BMT Research lab has been developed with the following facilities:

·  Magnetic Separation of Cells using MACS Technology

·  Long term cryopreservation of stem cells at -1960C liquid nitrogen freezer in vapour phase

·  HLA typing, NK cell genotyping and CD34 + stem cell estimation    

·  Comprehensive donor selection for Haploidentical BMT based on NK-KIR profile    

·  NK cell and mesenchymal cell cultures and cell therapy    

·  Molecular diagnosis for leukemia

·  Flowcytometry based diagnostics for leukemia, lymphoma and Aplastic anemia    

·  Detection of Minimal Residual Disease (MRD).

·  Conventional and Real Time PCR for Viral Pathogens

The success of the Haploidentical BMT program rests on the in-house molecular laboratory facilities and expertise available at Dharamshila Narayana BMT Centre. 


Excellent pathology services for routine and special tests like drug levels, haematology, biochemistry, bacterial and fungal cultures, Viral PCR, histopathology, immunohistochemistry and clinical pathology.


A state-of-the-art blood bank meeting all standards has been set up with facilities like advanced blood transfusion services comprising of automated component extraction, leucoreductin apheresis and red cell serology 

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