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Felicitation Ceremony for Winners of Blood Disorders after Half Matched or Haploidentical Transplantation at Dharamshila Hospital

More Than 50 Patient suffering from Thalassemia, Aplastic Anaemia, Immunodeficiency disorders, Autoimmune Disease, Blood Cancers, Relapsed Hodgkin & Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, High Risk Neuroblastoma, Relapsed Ewing Tumor and relapsed Testicular tumor, reported to Dharamshila Hospital after exhausting their options for conventional Treatment including BMT with a Fully HLA Matched Donor.


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Most of these patients had been sent back from prestigious Indian Institutions doing BMT with the advice that nothing can be done, if they do not have a fully HLA-matched donor.

Dharamshila Hospital has a very robust BMT Programme including Haploidentical Transplantation for the patients who don’t have a fully HLA matched donor. Forty-one Haploidentical Transplants were done in the last 20 month at Dharamshila Hospital and Eighty Percent of the patients are disease free.

All these winners were felicitated by none other than the Great Masters from Italy, Germany, Birmingham, USA and Thailand who came to India, as Speakers during Dharamshila Hospital’s International Cancer Congress on Haematological Malignancies.

Patient after Patient narrated how they had lost hope because of lack of awareness that they had the option of trying Haploidentical Transplantations. They all praised Dharamshila’s BMT Team of Dr.SuparnoChakarbarthy and Dr.SaritaJaiswal, Nurses and Patient care coordinators who treated them like their own kith and kin.

They managed them professionally and nurtured them with compassion, when they were suffering from the disease, infections and Graft Versus Host disease. Some of the patients called Dharamshila Team totally mad for accepting challenges for doing such a high-risk procedure.

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People who have the will to live are willing to take risk for a relatively new but life-saving procedures are willing to tolerate the side effect and complications of BMT will finally win the battle against Blood Cancer.

Thalassemia patients need repeated blood transfusions and chelating agents as long as they live. Inspite of annual expenditure of Rs. 4 – 5 lakh. Disease cannot be cured.

Haploidentical transplants offer hope for a cure with 1/3rd the cost, thalassemia patients spend on maintaining their life with conventional treatment.

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