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Infrastructure & Technology

Dharamshila Narayana l centre for cancer surgeries is located on the first and second floor of Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital and has 45000 sq.ft built in area.

Endoscopy Suites

The hospital has dedicated endoscopy suite with all types of endoscopes. minor operating room and Procedure Room for endoscopic ultrasound and other advanced endoscopic procedures like ERCP, Stenting, UGIE, Colonoscopy etc.

Seven State-of-the-art Operation Theaters

Centre of Cancer Surgery has seven State-of-the-art operation theaters with positive pressure air conditioning, laminar flows and hepafilters. Operating rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art Anaesthsiamachines with ventilators and comprehensive multichannel monitors, including respiratory gas and spirometerymonitoring, lasers, operating microscopes, C-Arm, pneumatic drill, Laparoscopes (all other endoscopes required by specific units), Harmonic scalpel, Valley lab cauteries and full range of operating instruments.

Surgical ICU

Our Surgical ICU, High dependency unit and postoperative ward are equipped with high end ventilators and multichannel monitors to deal with any extensive surgical procedures in immuno-compromised and geriatric patients with associated co-morbid diseases.

Frozen sections and other pathology services

Frozen section and intra-operative Pathology Consultations are essential for good and optimum cancer surgery. Frozen sections ensure adequate clear margins during tumour resections and wherever required, provide an intra-operative histological diagnosis where pre-operative evaluation may not have done so. Thus, second surgeries with added risks of anaesthesia are totally avoided and we are able to provide our patients with the best surgical oncology services. 

Pre-operative, Post-operative and ICU Care

Each and every patient is evaluated for anaesthesia fitness and any other associated disease (s) to prevent any complications on the operating table.

Patients are psychologically prepared about the type of anaesthesia and surgical procedure, and its outcome. Precautions are taken pre-operatively, post-operatively and after discharge. Post-operatively patients are under constant supervision and care of critical-care experts and nursing staff. This ensures complete cooperation of the patient, for best surgical outcome.


Patients who have lost their voice after laryngectomy or had to sacrifice their body parts (breast) or limbs, are rehabilitated to their normal pattern of living and cosmetically acceptable social positions in the society. Surgical Oncologists, Nurses, Reconstructive Surgeons, Psychologists, Social Workers, Speech Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Occupational Therapists, together work as a team to rehabilitate the patient.

Follow Up Clinic

All patients are advised to come for regular and long term follow up after surgery and completion of adjuvant therapy (Radiation / Chemo / Treatment of any other associated diseases). This ensures early detection of recurrence,and prompt action to achieve excellent quality of life.

Pain Clinic

Unrelieved pain can lead to multiple problems such as loss of mobility, loss of appetite, loss of sleep, poor respiratory effort, depression, prolonged recovery after surgery and increased length of hospital stay. However, pain can be controlled. DHRC believes that you have the right to have your pain assessed and treated, and we will work with you to assure your pain is prevented or relieved.

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