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Your Rights as a Patient and Family

Right to choice of Healthcare Providers

Patient is allowed to choose health care providers they feel will provide them access to appropriate high-quality holistic health care.

Access to Emergency Services

Patients have the right to receive screening, stabilization and emergency services in the hospital without prior authorization.

Participation in Treatment Decisions

Patients are informed about the various options for treatment available and they participate in decisions regarding plan of health care

Respect and Nondiscrimination

All patients are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of gender, colour, caste, creed and age etc. They receive nondiscriminatory care from doctors, and other health care providers.

Protection against abuse

Patients are protected against physical and mental abuse and hospital ensures a safe and secure environment for them.

Information of expected cost

Patient is given an estimate of the cost of proposed treatment and payment options. He / she may request information about possible modes of payment.

Opt or refuse Research protocol

Patient are informed about research study in which he / she may be asked to participate along with expected benefits, procedures to be followed, potential discomfort and risks involved and has the option to refuse. Such refusal will not compromise his access to services.

Access to medical records

Patients can access their medical records by following a defined documented procedure.

Refusal of treatment

Patient may refuse procedures or treatment and is kept informed about the possible untoward consequences. Patient may request a second opinion from another physician and may request to have his / her care transferred to another consultant.

Confidentiality of Health Information

All information regarding their care is confidential and this is protected.

Complaints and Appeals

All complaints regarding hospital services and facilities provided are attended to fairly, promptly and objectively.

Information disclosure

Before starting and during treatment, patient and / care taker is explained the diagnosis, stage of the disease, plan of treatment, probable outcome of treatment, estimated cost of treatment as detailed in the Estimate cum Undertaking form and Revised Estimate cum Undertaking Form. None of this information is disclosed without permission from the patient / care taker.

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