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Neutropenic Care

Patients who develop total leucocyte count (TLC) of less than 500 are called Neutropenic and require Neutropenic Care. Depending on the chemotherapy, protocol used, patients may or may not develop neutropenia. Neutropenia usually starts on the 5th day and needs to be monitored between 7th to 14th Day when it can be maximum. Most patients recover spontaneously from neutropenia but others may require Growth Factors to stimulate Bone Marrow. Some of the Chemotherapy Protocols cause fabrile neutropenia, in the first cycle of chemotherapy and therefore, require preventive injections of growth factors. Patients suffering from Haematological Malignancies require isolation and double barrier nursing to save them from life threatning infections.

Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital has a dedicated Neutropenia ward for neutropenic patients.

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