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Multidisciplinary Team Approach

While most cancer patients receive several types of treatment including radiation treatment, chemotherapy and surgery, no two patients are alike. That’s why the Cancer Centre takes a team approach to create an individual care plan for each cancer patient. Our medical oncologists work closely with their surgical and radiation oncology counterparts to make sure that each patient receives the best care possible – care that is just right for their particular circumstance.

Because the medical oncologist has a broad knowledge of all aspects of cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, surgery, radiation therapy, and management of side effects, he or she plays a central role in this “shared care” approach to cancer. They provide advice to you and your medical team on treatment options, then carry the team approach forward into the meticulous planning and delivery of treatment with their own team of therapists and specially trained oncology nurses. They also collaborate with your primary care physician and other specialists, as appropriate.

Our Team

  • Dr. K. M. Parthasarathy
  • Dr. Manish Singhal
  • Dr.Deni Gupta
  • Dr.Sneh Bharagava
  • Dr.Anjana Chandra
  • Dr.Navneet Shama
  • Dr. Satish Bansal
  • Dr.Arun Gera
  • Dr. R. Dawar
  • Dr. Sanjay Deb
  • Dr.Sumedha Kotwal
  • Dr. Neha Agrawal
  • Ar. Ankur Verma
  • Dr. Amit Jain
  • Dr. A. K. Johri, Senior Physician (Internal Medicine)
  • Dr.Deepika Dhamija, Rehabilitation Expert

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