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Infrastructure & Technology

Dharamshila Medical Oncology Centre has dedicated OPD chambers, One floor each dedicated for Daycare, Neutropenica Care, BMT Unit and three floors for other IPD Patients.

Dedicated chemohoods are available to ensure that pharmacists and nurses trained in preparing chemo drugs are not exposed to cytotoxic drugs.

Day care center (Short Admissions)

DHRC has been using the day care concept for administration of single and multi-drug infusional chemotherapy from the inception. Day care chemotherapy has the advantage of avoiding disruption in the day to day life of cancer patients and their families while minimizing treatment costs. Two separate types of day care beds (single room and shared) are available at DHRC for catering to the individual needs of patients.

Dedicated Neutropenia Wing

Dedicated leukemia / neutropenia wing caters to the special needs of these patients who are at a high risk of developing infections. Separation from other patients, double barrier nursing, HEPA filters, micro waved food and other precautions minimize the chances of infection in these patients. This leads to a faster recovery and improved outcome while reducing treatment costs.

Super Deluxe, Deluxe, Single, Double, Semi paying and Economy Beds

All types of in-patient accommodation are available that provide comfortable and pleasing stay to the patients and relatives. In combination with efficient and courteous nursing and other staff, the objective is to make the patient “feel at home”.

Intensive care unit

Fully equipped intensive care unit with latest monitoring and therapeutic facilities to cater to critically ill patients.

Blood Bank equipped with Blood Cell Separator

In house 24 X7 blood bank is a necessity for any medical oncology service. In addition, a blood cell separator is very useful. It provides facilities for single donor platelet transfusions (donor donates only platelets and not whole blood) and stem cell harvesting from peripheral blood. Blood bank also has facility of Irradiation of blood components to minimize the risk of transfusion related infections. 

Electronic and electromagnetic pumps for continuous infusion of chemotherapy drugs

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