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State of the Art Digital Dual Energy, Solid State Linear Accelerator

Technical Advantages and Clinical Application of Linear Accelerator

Technical Advantages

  • Sharp beam, negligible penumbra (precise radiation delivery to the tumour, avoiding the surrounding normal tissues)
  • High energy, penetrating beam, that spares skin and subcutaneous tissue, bladder, rectum, etc.
  • Wide range of electrons (6 MeV to 21 MeV) Releasing energy at desired depth e.g. skin to 6 cm. and sparing underlying structures.

Clinical Application

  • Tumours near critical organs e. g. brain, eyes, spinal cord, lung, heart, kidney, rectum, head and neck malignancy, etc.
  • Obese patients and deep seated tumours e.g.
    • Thoracic: lung tumours, mediastinal nodes.
    • Abdominal: abdominal nodes, kidney, gall bladder fossa, etc.
  • Neck nodes over spinal cord
  • Chest wall over lung in breast cancer patients after mastectomy
  • Re-irradiation i.e. radiation in recurrent tumors previously treated with RT.
  • Thoracic or abdomino-pelvic cancer over critical organs

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