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Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer

Immunotherapy or Biological Therapy

Your own immune system is your body’s natural defense against diseases, including cancer. Your immune system also defends your body against infections and other side effects of cancer treatment. A strong immune system detects the difference between healthy cells and cancer cells, and it can get rid of those that become cancer. The immune system can be strengthened and improved by new biological therapies. These treatments are designed to repair, stimulate, or increase your body’s natural ability to fight infections and cancer.

Medical researchers are looking at many types of biological therapies that use and boost the substances produced naturally by the body’s own cells. They are also creating new substances that can imitate or help the body’s natural immune system to work against infection and disease. These are being used in clinical trials with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Possible Problems (side effects)

Biological therapies may produce side effects such as rashes or swellings at the site where shots are given; flu- like symptoms, including fever, chills and fatigue; digestive tract problems; or allergic reactions.

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