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High Speed Whole Body Multi-Slice Spiral CT

CT scanning has revolutionized the field of radiology. It has made high quality cross sectional images of body parts possible. The technology which had been progressively improving has now been revolutionized by Spiral CT technology. Spiral CT scanning has significant advantages for the cancer patients because:

  • the entire region of interest can be scanned very fast, usually in a single breath hold. The scan can therefore be completed during peak enhancement of the tissues by the injected contrast material. This makes abnormalities more obvious, delineates them better and also improves their pick up rate.
  • short scanning time (less than 30 seconds) avoids inconvenience to very sick and restless patients.
  • very high quality re-constructed including 3D images can be made including virtual Endoscopies.
  • high quality angiogram can be produced by the computer from the data obtained without any need of invasive procedures.

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