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Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Most breast cancers are discovered before symptoms are present, either by finding an abnormality on mammography or feeling a breast lump.

  • A lump in the armpit or above the collarbone that does not go away may be a sign of cancer, a change in the size or shape of the breast. Other possible symptoms are :
    • dimpling of the skin or thickening in the breast tissue
    • a nipple thats turned in (inverted)
    • a rash (like eczema) on the nipple
    • discharge from the nipple
    • swelling or a lump in the armpit.
  • Early breast cancer has no symptoms. It is usually not painful.
  • Most breast lumps are not cancerous. All breast lumps, however, need to be evaluated by a doctor.
  • Breast discharge is a common problem and is rarely a symptom of cancer. Discharge is most concerning if it is from only one breast or if it is bloody. In any case, all breast discharge should be evaluated.
  • Nipple inversion is a common variant of normal nipples, but nipple inversion that is a new development can be of concern.
  • Changes in the skin of the breast include redness, changes in texture, and puckering. These changes are usually caused by skin diseases but occasionally can be associated with breast cancer.

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