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Brain Cancer Treatment

Tumour Board Evaluation

Each and every Brain Cancer patient is evaluated by a special team of Neurologists, Neuro-oncoloigst, surgical oncologists (Head & Neck unit), Medical oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Onco-pathologists and Imaging Specialists. Depending on the age, general condition, type of pathology and stage of the disease, a custom made treatment plan is charted out for each and every patient as per International Treatment Guidelines.

Because new treatments continually develop, several options may be available at different points during treatment. The pros and cons of each option are discussed during treatment planning. Advanced technology at DHRC provides the neurosurgeon with real-time data on tumor volume and location during surgery.

A Team Approach

You may see several DHRC specialists from the brain tumor treatment team, including:

  • Neurology : Patient′s initial visit will likely be with a neurologist who has expertise and additional training in neuro-oncology. This doctor generally serves as the "quarterback" for your care, coordinating tests and specialist appointments, and developing a plan of care.
  • Neurosurgery : Neurosurgeons at DHRC are highly experienced, performing hundreds of brain surgeries each year, using the latest technological advances, such as intraoperative MRI, awake brain surgery and lasers.
  • Radiation oncology : Radiation oncologists use Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) to kill cancer cells. This highly complex and promising technique was started at Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital in 2005. Now, IMRT is being delivered through VMAT techniques in a continuous arc around patient effectively, from infinite delivery angles; reducing the integral dose to one tenth and treatment time to few minutes. IMRT is used for tumours arising from Head and Neck, Brain, Lungs, Lymphomas and Gynaecological Cancers.
  • Medical oncology : Medical neuro-oncologists manage chemotherapy or biological therapy, as well as medical disorders arising from the tumor or treatments. The neuro-oncology team of doctors, nurses and social workers use a careful and compassionate approach.
  • Neuropathology : Identifying your type of cancer is crucial to providing appropriate treatment. Pathologists at DHRC are world renowned for their diagnostic skills.
  • Neuroradiology : Neuroradiologists specialize in the imaging of brain tumors. DHRC performs thousands of diagnostic tests on the head, neck and spine each year. These images are essential in guiding neurosurgery or radiation treatments, or deciding about other treatment options.
  • Other services : DNSH offers access to other services, including supportive care, counseling, neurocognitive and neuropsychiatric services, brain rehabilitation and pain management whenever needed.

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