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Post Treatment Care

For bladder cancer, follow-up care typically includes a general physical examination, cystoscopy (if the bladder has not been removed), urine cytology, x-rays, and routine blood tests to make sure the bladder is working well and to check for any signs that the cancer has come back. Inform the doctor about any new symptoms, such as pain during urination, blood in the urine, frequent urination, or an immediate need to urinate. These symptoms may be signs that the cancer has come back or signs of another medical condition.

For patients with a urinary diversion, follow-up care may include checking for infection with urine tests, checking and fixing problems with controlling urination, checking for recurrent cancer in the upper urinary tract, and checking for changes in kidney function with blood tests and x-rays.

People recovering from bladder cancer are encouraged to follow established guidelines for good health, such as maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, eating a balanced diet, and having recommended cancer screening tests. Moderate physical activity can help rebuild your strength and energy level.

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