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Biograph True Point PET CT

The World′s First HD PET Platform

North India′s first PET CT with world′s first HD_PET platform and 16 slice CT from Siemens is the latest armament in our fight against cancer. It has exclusive technologies like High Definition PET, True Volume (which increases PET field of view by an eye opening 33% in the axial dimension). High resolution, LSO Crystal, Pico - 3D, True and Sureview. All these features increase our ability to detect changes in molecular activity before anatomical changes become visible. It helps us to detect primary tumours, metastasis and evaluate the response to therapy. In addition to the Oncology software, we have also taken the Neurology software to detect tiniest abnormalities in any part of the body with clearest details.

We can now acquire images twice as fast compared to traditional PET CT, without sacrificing image quality. High resolution and high speed acquisitions result in dramatically increased patient comfort and throughput.

True point technology also enables us to achieve full diagnostic confidence with only half the injected dose. Lower radiation exposures means higher levels of Patient Safety. Other benefits include ability to pinpoint the location, size, nature and extent of diseases at its earliest stage. With earlier and more accurate diagnosis, we can plan treatment more effectively, provide feedback on treatment efficacy, avoid unnecessary invasive surgeries and improve the overall care of patients. The new technology is going to play a larger role in disease management as it will be increasingly used in staging, planning, therapy monitoring and follow up.

Syngo work station brings true efficiency, images, applications, reports, schedules, patient′s histories and more.

With old PET CT technology, we were always concerned about missing small abdominal lesions especially in intestinal lymphoma and ovarian cancers and had difficulty in picking up early head and neck malignancies especially in post operative and post radiation patients. Just as HD TV redefined the television reviewing experience H.D (High Definition) PET has changed the way you see PET CT. The world′s only PET technology with uniform resolution throughout the entire field of view will be first to deliver razor sharp distortion free image quality form edge to edge. For diagnostic confidence there is nothing like it with special resolution of 2mm throughout the entire field of view, HD PET providers highest level of details to improve delectability of tiny lesions. Even in places which were hard to see before.

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